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Legal services for companies, businesses and entrepreneurs

Legal services for companies

Trust our reputable law firm in Warsaw to provide your company with comprehensive legal services. With our experience and understanding of your business needs, we will provide you with peace of mind and confidence that your business is in the best hands.
Our services include:
  • ongoing support and legal advice for your business, ensuring that your interests are protected.
  • Preparation of contracts, annexes, agreements and letters of intent, protecting you legally at every stage of the transaction.
  • Carry out ongoing court collection for issued invoices, taking care of the recovery of your receivables.
  • Estimating legal risks associated with business activities, minimizing potential conflicts and problems.
  • Prepare employee documents – employment contracts, rules and regulations and work contracts to ensure clear relations with employees.
  • Representation in commercial relations and negotiations with contractors, guaranteeing your interests in the business forum.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts such as B2B agreement, cooperation agreement, loan agreement or business transfer agreement.
  • Comprehensive corporate services for companies – including implementation and maintenance of corporate governance.
  • Legal and tax services for companies
  • Representation in court and arbitration proceedings, as well as before state and local government authorities, ensuring the effective defense of your rights.
  • Representation in disputes with employees to resolve potential conflicts in accordance with applicable laws.
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Legal consultations

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Legal and tax services for Companies

Ensuring that companies’ operations comply with legal and tax regulations is an indispensable part of their effective operation. As part of tax services, it is crucial to properly account for taxes such as CIT, VAT and PCC, and to employ strategies that minimize the tax burden while remaining compliant. In the legal area, it is important to comply with corporate law, which includes creating and updating corporate documentation and managing the registration and amendment processes at the Court Registry. Experts in this field provide support to companies in contract negotiations, offering advice on commercial law and representing them in litigation. Therefore, reliable tax and legal services are essential to maintain the operational stability of companies, avoid legal and tax risks and manage effectively.

Legal services for companies and partnerships

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Legal services for companies - questions and answers

How to prepare an effective cooperation agreement with a contractor?

Preparing an effective cooperation agreement with a contractor is a key step in ensuring clarity, security and harmony in business relations. Here are some steps to help you create an effective cooperation agreement:

  1. Define the goals and principles of cooperation: Start by clarifying the goals and expectations of the collaboration. Identify what each party is expected to deliver and achieve. Clearly delineate the terms of cooperation, such as the scope of services, deadlines, payment terms and other relevant elements.
  2. Designate the parties to the contract: Precisely identify the parties to the contract, i.e. your company and the contractor. Provide accurate identification information, such as name, address, tax ID number, as well as other relevant information.
  3. Describe the subject of the cooperation: Formulate exactly what the subject of the agreement is. Focus on describing the services or products that will be provided, as well as any additional benefits to be provided as part of the partnership.
  4. Specify financial terms: In the cooperation agreement, write down the terms of remuneration or payment. List the amounts, payment terms, method of transfer and any additional fees.
  5. Prepare dispute resolution clauses: It is worth including arbitration or mediation clauses to help resolve disputes efficiently and out of court.
  6. Set deadlines and performance dates: Specify the start and end dates of the cooperation, as well as the expiration dates of the contract. If these are projects with phased deadlines, define deadlines for each phase as well.
  7. List the responsibilities of the parties: Describe the duties and responsibilities of each party in the cooperation. Define what happens in the event of default or failure to provide services on time.
  8. Confidentiality and intellectual property clauses: If necessary, include clauses on confidentiality of information and intellectual property rights. They protect trade secrets and safeguard the interests of both parties.
  9. Legal regime: Specify the legal regime of the agreement, i.e., state the jurisdiction in which the agreement will apply and the law relating to it.
  10. Amendments and termination provisions: Provide for provisions regarding changes to the contract and terms of termination. Determine how and under what circumstances the contract can be amended or terminated.
  11. Legal verification: it is worth consulting a lawyer or a legal specialist. contracts before the final signing of the document to ensure that the contract complies with applicable regulations and protects the interests of both parties.
  12. Transparency and clarity: The contract should be written in a way that is clear and understandable to both parties. Avoid complicated legal language and wording.

An effective cooperation agreement should safeguard the interests of both parties and lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial business relationship. Remember that any agreement should be tailored to the specific situation and needs of the cooperation in question.

Limited liability company loan agreement with a partner - what should be kept in mind?

A loan agreement between a limited liability company and one of its partners is an important document that regulates financial obligations between the parties. Below I outline the key aspects to keep in mind when creating such an agreement:
  1. Regulatory compliance: Ensure that the loan agreement complies with applicable laws, including those relating to limited liability companies and civil law contracts. It is always a good idea to consult a lawyer to avoid later legal problems.
  2. Object and purpose of the loan: Specify precisely what the loan will be used for and its purpose. Will it be to finance current operations, investment or some other purpose?
  3. Loan amount: Specify the exact amount of the loan that the company transfers to the partner. Provide clarity on currency and repayment terms.
  4. Interest rate and repayment terms: Specify the interest rate of the loan and the terms of repayment of principal and interest. Indicate whether repayment will be made in one installment or in monthly/annual installments.
  5. Collateral: If required, specify the collateral that the partner can provide in exchange for the loan (e.g., real estate, company assets).
  6. Date and place of signing the contract: Precisely indicate the date of signing the contract and the place where the contract will be signed.
  7. Tax settlement: make sure the loan agreement is tax compliant and any interest will be in accordance with applicable law.
  8. Consequences in case of non-performance of the contract: Describe the consequences that will occur if one of the parties defaults on the contract, such as being late with repayment.
  9. Consent of other partners: If the company has more than one partner, it is a good idea to ensure that the other partners have consented to the loan.
  10. Clarity and comprehensibility: the contract should be written in a way that is clear and understandable to both parties. Avoid complicated legal language that can lead to misunderstandings.
  11. Documentation: It’s a good idea to keep full documentation on the loan, including all communications and documents related to the loan and the repayment process.
  12. Consultation with a lawyer: It is always a good idea to consult with a lawyer who specializes in corporate law and contracts to make sure your loan agreement is complete, legal and protects the interests of both parties.

A loan agreement between a limited liability company and a partner should be carefully thought out and structured to avoid later problems or misunderstandings. Using a lawyer who specializes in this area can significantly help ensure that the rights and interests of the contracting parties are properly safeguarded.

Legal services for companies - why choose Ziobrowski Tax&Law?

When looking for professional legal services for your company, it is worth paying attention to the Ziobrowski Tax&Law law firm. Our reputable company offers a comprehensive range of legal and tax services that can definitely affect the success and stability of your business.

Experience and specialization: our team consists of qualified lawyers, tax consultants and specialists with many years of experience in the field of law and taxation. With our knowledge and practice, we are able to meet the most demanding legal and tax challenges.

Customized approach: We understand that every company is unique and has its own unique needs. Therefore, at Ziobrowski Tax&Law we focus on an individual approach to each client. Our team focuses on understanding the specifics of your business, which allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Efficiency and effectiveness: our priority is to achieve optimal results for our clients. With in-depth legal knowledge and analytical skills, we help identify potential risks and opportunities, resulting in effective business decision-making.

Wide range of services: Our offerings include a variety of services, such as tax consulting, representation in litigation, contract analysis, tax strategy development and more. This allows us to provide full legal services to your company in all key aspects.

Innovative and up-to-date: The world of law and taxation is constantly evolving. At Ziobrowski Tax&Law, we keep abreast of the latest trends and changes in regulations, which allows us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and effective solutions.

Trust and Reputation: Our law firm is well respected by both clients and the legal community. With numerous satisfied clients and successful legal and tax solutions, we have earned trust and reputation in the market.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for legal services for your company, Ziobrowski Tax&Law is an excellent choice. We give you the confidence that your business is in the best hands, and our knowledge and experience will support you on the road to success. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business.

Legal services for companies

Lawyers from our law firm in Warsaw are ready to represent you in district, county and appellate court. We provide comprehensive legal services and tax advice for your business.