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Tax advice for companies

The Ziobrowski Tax&Law law firm we run in Warsaw employs highly qualified, experienced tax advisors. We offer clients both ad hoc assistance in specific situations and comprehensive legal services. We take an individual approach to each consumer, carefully listening to their problems and analyzing the details of the case presented. As a result, we are able to offer the right solution for your case. We realize that taxpayers who do not have a degree in economics or law may not be very familiar with the Polish fiscal system and the frequently changing laws in this area. That’s why the office’s tax consultants remain available to clients on a variety of issues. We make them aware of their rights and obligations arising from their status as tax payers in Poland, and ensure that they comply with the deadlines in force, for example, when filing PIT and CIT tax returns and Single Control Files.

The scope of our competence also includes legal services for companies operating in Warsaw. A tax consultant from Ziobrowski Tax&Law also provides online advice to entrepreneurs. We address our offer to owners of small and large enterprises. We are open to cooperation with Polish and foreign business entities representing various industries. We act as an attorney for the client in disputes with the tax authority. We are also engaged in conducting various types of fiscal audits.

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Legal consultations

Do you need help from a lawyer or tax advisor? Focus on business, we will take care of the legal risk.

Professional tax consulting - scope of services

The range of services provided by our Warsaw law firm includes comprehensive tax consulting. Clients can count on professional assistance from competent lawyers in a variety of circumstances. We provide practical advice on transfer pricing, as well as personal income tax (PIT) and corporate income tax (CIT), as well as value added tax (VAT). However, the support of attorneys is not limited to these fiscal obligations. We also advise on deferred tax, real estate tax and civil liability tax, as well as research and development tax credit and IP Box. The tax advisor delegated to handle the case assists the client in the practical application of the law. At the request of the consumer, he undertakes the preparation of explanations and opinions. He also represents the interests of taxpayers both in the course of fiscal inspections and disputes with the tax authority regarding the amount of tributes due and the methods of accounting for them.

Our law firm works with start-ups. We provide legal and tax services to such companies. The online legal advice provided by our advisors to clients relates to the day-to-day operations of the aforementioned entities. We assist in the preparation of commercial and license agreements and bylaws. We are also taking appropriate steps to raise funds from private investors and funds for the development of the company. In addition, we handle know-how protection cases.

Ways of tax optimization

For example, we can offer tax planning tailored individually to the client’s needs. As a rule, these are activities aimed primarily at minimizing taxes. Often their goal is to increase the tax burden so that the entrepreneur has a higher creditworthiness.

Another option under the law is to save tax, i.e. take tax reduction measures – such as introducing the VAT cash method.

The use of various allowances, exemptions and deductions is also in practice.

Operating as a partnership instead of a corporation – double taxation then goes away,

Restructuring and merger of companies

Formation of foreign holding companies

Establishment of offshore companies registered in a legal system foreign to the persons establishing it – for the purposes of international tax optimization

Formation of tax equity groups

Combining sources of income – accounting under the general rules

Choice of the form of taxation that will be the most favorable for the activity – accounting according to the general rules, lump sum, tax card or according to the flat tax


Accounting for tax losses

Simplified advance income tax payments

Deduction of input VAT

Reduction of output tax

Exemption from paying VAT – due to not exceeding the limit of PLN 150,000 net turnover

VAT taxes settled quarterly

Tax optimization in Warsaw

Legally reduce the tax burden

More effective financial management

Court proceedings

Tax optimization

The services we offer include a variety of legally compliant solutions. The tax advice provided at the firm allows entrepreneurs to optimize their business from a financial and tax perspective.

For example, we can offer tax planning tailored individually to the client’s needs. As a rule, these are activities aimed primarily at minimizing taxes. Often their goal is to increase the tax burden so that the entrepreneur has a higher creditworthiness.

Another option under the law is to save tax, i.e. take tax reduction measures – such as introducing the VAT cash method.

The use of various allowances, exemptions and deductions is also in practice.

Professional tax consulting services for companies in Warsaw

Our consultants will be happy to analyze the situation of various entities. The law firm in Warsaw provides professional tax advice, including on various transactions and the most favorable optimization. At the same time, these will be lawful actions that do not harm the Treasury. As part of our cooperation, we will develop a plan that is appropriately tax-adjusted to the situation. Legal service also means that we send various relevant information on current legislation on an ongoing basis. We also represent entrepreneurs before tax authorities.

We encourage both domestic and international companies to take advantage of our tax consulting services. Contact us at tel. 601 813 339!

Online tax advice

Do you have a tax-related problem in your company?
Do you need the help of an experienced tax advisor?
Need tax advice and don't have time to schedule an appointment?

Tax advice – competent staff

The office of a tax advisor from Warsaw employs specialists who are familiar with the current legislation, as well as current interpretations and case law in the field of taxation. We are able to provide clients with professional support not only in standard situations (such as completing annual PIT returns), but also in solving more unconventional problems. Tax law specialists are fluent in the most popular foreign languages, including English. Thanks to this, the group of people benefiting from the consultancy we provide can include not only Poles, but also foreigners, such as owners and representatives of foreign concerns and corporations interested in entering the Polish market with their products or services. At the request of clients from abroad, a professional advisor from the office will represent their interests before the local tax authority. It will also help you find your way around the fiscal system in Poland in practice.

Office of the tax advisor in Warsaw

Ziobrowski Tax&Law law firm is located at ul. Tyniecka 38A in the capital’s Mokotow district. The office is open Monday through Friday at convenient times for consumers. However, it is not necessary to visit the company in person to take advantage of the services. You can get in touch with us by phone or email. A professional tax consultant from Warsaw by appointment also provides advice after the law firm is closed or before it opens. If necessary, we also remain available to customers on holidays and weekends. We try to return phone calls and reply to messages sent via e-mail on a regular basis.

Tax advisors from our law firm in the establishment of companies and partnerships in Poland and abroad. We support these people in terms of choosing a form of business. On their behalf, we handle all formalities related to the change of Polish tax residence and the establishment of a bank account in another country. As part of our legal services, we provide entrepreneurs with advice. In addition, we are engaged in word processing of various types of documents, including in English.

Corporate tax services

Do you need an attorney or tax advisor in Warsaw?

Our law firm offers professional legal services and tax advice.

Focus on your business and we will take care of your legal and tax problems.

Tax services for companies

Entrepreneurs have the right to make decisions that benefit their business. One activity that is completely legal in Poland and supports the operations of many companies in Warsaw is tax optimization. Its scope includes many activities aimed at minimizing the financial burden. A number of measures are planned and implemented on tax grounds that are optimal for the company. This is a solution not only for companies or larger firms, but also for smaller businesses.

Our tax consulting firm in Warsaw provides comprehensive services to support business clients. We are committed to effectively solving the problems that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis in their business. It is worth taking advantage of such support due to the fact that we not only have experience in this area, but also the relevant knowledge. We also keep abreast of any changes in tax law.

The main purpose of tax optimization is primarily to seek to reduce the amount of the fiscal burden to a level that will benefit the taxpayer, and at the same time – within the limits of the law. To be effective, it should cover all areas of the company’s operations. For the introduction of this solution, tax and revenue and cost analyses are performed, taking into account future economic events and tax burdens.

Our specialized team of tax consultants will become your indispensable support in tax-related issues. We will minimize the risk of tax errors, so your business can focus on achieving success. Law firm in Warsaw specializes in comprehensive tax consulting for companies and entrepreneurs.

Choosing tax advice online has many advantages. You will receive a quick response (usually within 24-48 hours), as well as a more favorable price for advice compared to in-person consultations. This is an excellent option for simpler cases, but for more complicated situations, we always recommend meeting with our tax advisor in person.

Your request for a quote for tax advice or opinion is completely free and without obligation. We begin legal services only after your explicit acceptance of the fee rate and completion date. Our electronic consultations are competitively priced, yet guarantee the highest level of professionalism. Our virtual advisors have extensive experience in solving a wide variety of legal problems.

Security and attorney-client privilege

The security of your data is our top priority. We use a dedicated online program that provides full discretion and security. It does not require installing any additional applications or logging in.

Cost of online tax advice

The cost of obtaining online counseling is $500 gross for a 1-hour consultation. With this modern service, you can quickly and conveniently get the professional tax assistance you need.

Tax Advice Online

Quick response 24-48h

Favorable price

Ideal form for relatively simple matters

Professional legal advice online

Flexible deadline

Secure purchase of service upon approval of costs

Legal and tax consultation

The legal advice provided by attorneys includes the following. Establishment, transformation and liquidation of capital companies, preparation and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements, disposal of shares. We deal with matters related to the civil and tax liability of members of the board of directors of capital companies.

We have successfully handled numerous litigations acting on behalf of defendants and plaintiffs. Currently, we are engaged in mass debt collection on account of services provided to a leading company in the energy industry (more than 1,000 cases completed and pending).

Our tax law firm also provides online assistance (tax consultation).

The headquarters of Ziobrowski Tax&Law is located in Warsaw (Mokotow), but we cooperate with entrepreneurs from all over the country, as well as from abroad. For more information on our activities and offerings, please refer to this website or contact the office directly.

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Legal consultations

Do you need help from a lawyer or tax advisor? Focus on business, we will take care of the legal risk.

Benefits of working with a tax advisor

There are many benefits to using a tax advisor, which can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of a company’s financial management and its overall legal and financial situation. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Tax Optimization – a tax advisor will help identify legitimate ways to reduce your tax burden, which can lead to significant financial savings.
  2. A professional tax consultant ensures that the company’s operations are in compliance with current regulations, minimizing the risk of errors and potential penalties.
  3. The tax advisor ensures that all necessary documents are properly prepared and verified, thus avoiding tax errors.
  4. Advisors help plan transactions and business strategies in the context of their tax consequences, which can contribute to better profitability and business efficiency.
  5. In the case of tax audits or disputes with tax authorities, the advisor can represent the company as an advocate, advising on the best course of action and negotiations.
  6. Dealing with tax issues can be time-consuming. Delegating these tasks to a consultant allows management and employees to focus on the company’s core business.
  7. Companies operating internationally can benefit from an advisor’s knowledge of international tax laws, which is important in the face of business globalization.
  8. The tax consultant tailors his services to the individual needs and goals of his clients.
  9. Through tax optimization and strategic consulting, tax advisors can help companies plan and implement growth strategies.