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Law firm Warsaw

Ziobrowski Tax & Law Firm

Ziobrowski Tax&Law, a law firm operating in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, deals with, among other things. Providing clients with professional legal advice. We provide such services to both individuals and businesses. We take an individual approach to each case presented. After reviewing its details, we are able to offer the consumer the right solution to his problem in a given case. However, it is up to him whether he ultimately decides to use our assistance in dealing with the various formalities of litigation and out-of-court proceedings.

The firm’s employees remain at the full disposal of clients, but do not impose on them with their support. Legal assistance provided by a lawyer in the form of practical advice given at the initial stage of cooperation does not oblige a person to continue using our services.

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Legal consultations

Do you need help from a lawyer or tax advisor? Focus on business, we will take care of the legal risk.

Jarosław Ziobrowski

Adwokat, założyciel Ziobrowski Tax & Law. Posiada ponad 15 lat doświadczenia zawodowego, specjalizuje się w sprawach sądowych i postępowaniach podatkowych. Dwukrotny przewodniczący Sekcji Prawa Podatkowego przy Okręgowej Radzie Adwokackiej w Warszawie. Współautor książek „Zarządzanie ryzykiem podatkowym” oraz „Odpowiedzialność karna skarbowa członków zarządu – praktyczne sposoby jej ograniczenia”. Autor wielu publikacji oraz artykułów.

Professional legal advice

People who do not deal with the law on a daily basis often do not know how to act in a certain situation. It is worth being aware that ignorance of the applicable regulations is usually detrimental to the person concerned himself. In many cases, it exposes him to unnecessary financial losses and often to more serious sanctions in the form of restriction or imprisonment. The legal advice provided by the law firm in Warsaw’s Mokotow district can help clients avoid such unpleasant incidents.

Lawyers and advisors at Ziobrowski Tax&Law have extensive, continuously updated knowledge in various fields of law and extensive professional experience. As a result, they are able to provide consumers with comprehensive legal assistance at every stage of the hearing. We point out to them whether it pays to go to court in a given situation, or whether it is better to solve a given problem amicably. The advice provided by the attorney and counselor may include, for example, matters related to corporate tax service, debt collection, as well as the establishment and liquidation of companies. Experienced lawyers undertake a thorough analysis of commercial contracts even before they are concluded. It is also not uncommon for them to take part in developing or modifying their content.

Law firm Warsaw – Mokotow

Tax & Law is based in Mokotow in the center of Warsaw at ul. Tyniecka 38 A. However, you do not need to visit the office in person to take advantage of the comprehensive legal advice provided by the staff. All you need to do is make contact with the attorneys by phone or email. We remain available to clients primarily during the opening hours of the law firm, as well as on holidays and weekends. We check business email on an ongoing basis, explaining in detail the concerns presented in as clear a manner as possible to the individual. We treat the problems of each client individually. It is also worth remembering that we are bound by confidentiality when dealing with consumers.

Legal consultation for entrepreneurs

Do you have questions? Can’t solve a legal problem in your company?

Umów konsultacje

Advantages of online legal advice

Choosing legal advice online has many advantages. You will receive a quick response (usually within 24-48 hours), as well as a more favorable price for advice compared to in-person consultations. This is an excellent option for simpler cases, but for more complicated situations, we always recommend meeting with our tax advisor in person.

Your request for a quote for tax advice or opinion is completely free and without obligation. We begin legal services only after your explicit acceptance of the fee rate and completion date. Our electronic consultations are competitively priced, yet guarantee the highest level of professionalism. Our virtual advisors have extensive experience in solving a wide variety of legal problems.

Security and attorney-client privilege

The security of your data is our top priority. We use a dedicated online program that provides full discretion and security. It does not require installing any additional applications or logging in.

Online legal advice – price list

The cost of obtaining online counseling is $500 gross for a 1-hour consultation. With this modern service, you can quickly and conveniently get the professional legal and tax assistance you need.

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JZTL logo white

Legal consultations

Do you need help from a lawyer or tax advisor? Focus on business, we will take care of the legal risk.

Law firm for business

Do you have a question? Contact us


Your private lawyer – who is a Private Lawyer?

A Private Lawyer is a professional who is usually associated with representing successful individuals or owners of large corporations. Such a person is often portrayed as a lawyer available on the phone, actively participating in his clients’ various cases.

In Poland, the service is gaining popularity and is more accessible than one might think. A private lawyer serves not only as a legal representative, but also as an advisor and trusted person, offering tailored services to business clients. Clients of private lawyers include owners of large family businesses, board members, shareholders, investors, as well as celebrities such as actors and athletes.

Private attorneys are knowledgeable in various areas of law, such as tax law, business law, family law and inheritance law, which enables them to effectively manage and plan their clients’ personal and family assets. They are characterized by being available almost around the clock and acting as the first-line lawyer in a variety of matters, from medical lawsuits to buying property abroad to setting up companies in other countries.

In addition, private lawyers work with other specialized legal and consulting firms, using an international professional network to provide their clients with the best possible service. They are expected not only to solve current problems, but also to monitor and adapt their clients’ businesses to changes in the law, the economy and the world, thus building long-term relationships based on trust and offering comprehensive legal, tax and business consulting services. Attorney Jaroslaw Ziobrowski talks more about who a Private Lawyer is in an interview with Gentleman magazine.

Lawyer for companies

Our law firm specializing in corporate legal services offers a wide range of services, tailored to the needs and requirements of business.

Legal advice for companies

We offer comprehensive legal advice, which is essential to the daily operations of any company. This includes providing up-to-date legal advice that is crucial to the proper operation of the business. Attorneys specialize in interpreting applicable laws, providing clients with clear and precise explanations of their application in business practice.

The scope of services also includes analysis of potential legal risks associated with various aspects of the company’s operations. Attorneys help identify, assess and manage risks, allowing companies to avoid legal problems and minimize the legal consequences of their decisions.

In addition, our law firm supports entrepreneurs in the process of making key business decisions. With a thorough knowledge of the law and experience in the industry, the attorneys are able to advise on strategic issues, contributing to the security and stability of the company. This includes support in negotiations, preparation of commercial contracts and other legal activities that directly affect the operation of the company.

With such comprehensive legal services, businesses can focus on their core business, confident that their legal affairs are being handled professionally and with due diligence.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our law firm offers legal support in a wide range of company activities. This includes advice and legal assistance in the formation of new businesses, including the selection of the appropriate legal form of the company and the preparation of the necessary registration documents. Also in the case of transformations, mergers, acquisitions or liquidation of companies, the law firm provides comprehensive assistance, advising on strategic issues, preparing the necessary documents and representing the client in the relevant authorities and before judicial bodies.

In addition, the firm provides corporate services, helping to draft and analyze articles of incorporation, shareholders’ agreements and other corporate documents. Attorneys also deal with issues related to the proper functioning of companies, including the convening and handling of shareholders’ meetings or supervisory boards.

In the field of corporate matters, the firm represents the interests of the company in relations with contractors, government bodies and in courts, offering support in negotiations, disputes and decision-making processes at various stages of the company’s life. With such comprehensive assistance, companies can more effectively manage their corporate operations and minimize the legal risks associated with doing business.

Tax Law

Tax consulting, tax optimization, representation in disputes with tax authorities and assistance with tax planning.

Commercial Contract Law

Preparing, negotiating and reviewing commercial contracts, service agreements, distribution agreements, leases, licenses, etc.

Representation in Legal Disputes

Representing the company in litigation, arbitration and negotiation in business disputes.