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Ziobrowski TAX & LAW

The Law Firm (JZTL) offers legal and tax advisory services for companies and entrepreneurs. It specialises in solving legal and tax problems that arise as part of an ongoing business operations in Poland.

The Law Firm provides legal and tax advice to start-ups, both in their daily activities and in connection with obtaining financing for development and investments of external investors. We connect start-ups with investors, private equity funds, venture capital, as well as business angels.

We represent taxpayers during audits and tax proceedings, as well as in tax disputes before voivodship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. We prepare applications for issuing individual tax interpretations.

We represent board members in proceedings aimed at bringing them to individual liability (for civil and tax obligations). We consult members of the management boards on matters related to payment brought on the grounds of art. 299 of the Code of Commercial Companies (liability of management board members for the liabilities of a limited liability company). We provide advice in the private law area, including property marital relations and inheritance rules.

JZTL provides legal services related to the issues of commercial and criminal law (so-called “white collar crimes”), combined with consultancy in the field of preventing and detecting fraud in enterprises.

Through associated law firms, we help clients in opening companies abroad (Czech Republic, Cyprus, Malta, Estonia, England, Georgia) and changing their tax residence to Estonian, Maltese, Cypriot. We help in opening bank accounts abroad (Switzerland, Monaco).

We provide legal and tax services in Russian and Ukrainian for clients from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We work with Russian and Ukrainian lawyers in Russia and Ukraine. We help Polish entrepreneurs in starting businesses in Ukraine and Russia, including acquisitions of contractors.

In order to conduct a specific case, the Law Firm selects a team of lawyers, guided by their experience and specialisation. If the case requires the cooperation of lawyers from other countries, JZTL provides assistance from reputable foreign law firms.

We combine experience with practical knowledge of business and adapt the way of providing services to the individual needs of Clients. The Ziobrowski Tax & Law team of lawyers implements innovative legal solutions to keep up with the changing market conditions.