Debt collection (court cases)

The Law Firm provides legal representation services. It helps Clients in the best resolution of disputes by representing their interests in all stages of proceedings before common and arbitration courts, as well as in settlement negotiations.

The Law Firm’s task is not only to “win the case”, but above all to ponder together with the Client, on what could be considered a real success in a given case (considering all the circumstances of the dispute). Each case requires proper preparation, i.e., first of all establishing the Client’s actual goals, developing a strategy that takes into account all aspects of the dispute, such as: time, direct costs and indirect consequences for the Client’s business operations. The Law Firm selects a team of lawyers to conduct a specific case, guided by their experience and specialization. Whenever a case requires specialist legal knowledge, colleagues with appropriate knowledge and experience are being involved. If the case requires the cooperation of lawyers from other countries, the Law Firm provides assistance from reputable law firms.

The goal of Ziobrowski Tax & Law is the optimal (also in terms of costs) preparation of a given case. Each time, together with the Client we consider, the possibility of an amicable settlement of the dispute.

Ziobrowski Tax & Law represents clients in all types of proceedings, including:

  • Proceedings regarding receivables resulting from unpaid invoices;
  • Security proceedings;
  • Proceedings before common courts of all instances;
  • Proceedings before the Supreme Court;
  • Proceedings before permanent and ad hoc arbitration courts;
  • Enforcement proceedings;

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