Liability of management board members of limited liability companies

If you want to cooperate with an effective Warsaw Law Firm, we have a proposal for you that is worth considering. Thanks to extensive knowledge and practice focused strictly on business aspects of law, we are able to guarantee the assistance of a lawyer providing professional legal services.

The law firm Ziobrowski Tax & Law based in Warsaw offers:

  • Representation of Clients in proceedings before common courts, including the liability of management board members and in corporate disputes between partners or between a partner and a company;
  • Representation of Clients in tax proceedings due to third party liability for tax obligations (i.e., members of the Management Board);
  • Consultation on the liability of board members of companies, foundations, associations for tax obligations;
  • Consultation on minimizing the risk of individual criminal liability of management board members under the influence of the planned activities of the company (group);
  • Revision of internal company regulations in force and identification of the key risk of individual responsibility;
  • Preparation of internal procedures limiting the risk of individual liability of board members;
  • Preparation of a defence strategy against potential charges;
  • Representation of board members in proceedings aimed at bringing them to individual responsibility;
  • Handling cases against members of the management board for payment (from Article 299 of the Commercial Companies Code).