Tax services for companies

Tax advisory for entrepreneurs and individual entities – take advantage of the assistance of the Law Firm specializing in tax consultancy.

The ongoing tax consultancy is the constant care of the Law Firm’s lawyers overall tax aspects of business operations. Services provided by the Ziobrowski Tax & Law tax advisory team, include the following areas of tax law;

  • Corporate tax;
  • Income tax from individuals;
    • Transaction taxes (tax on goods and services and tax on civil law transactions);
    • Inheritance and donation tax;
    • Duty;
    • International tax law.

Our Law Firm provides Clients with a tax service that allows, on the one hand, to eliminate threats and minimize tax burdens, and on the other, to control and optimize business activities from a tax perspective.

The advice also includes an analysis of the relevant EU tax laws and the case law of the European Court of Justice.

Ziobrowski Tax & Law specializes in:

  • Ongoing advisory in the field of corporate income tax, which includes, among others, tax aspects of financing business activities, with particular emphasis on the tax classification of financial costs, transactions with related entities (transfer pricing), optimization and management of “bad debts”, tax aspects of marketing activities, tax optimization of expenses made by companies in terms of the possibility of including them in tax deductible costs, taxation of dividends, interest and royalties, etc.,;
  • Ongoing consultancy in the field of VAT and excise duties;
  • Verifying contracts concluded by Clients in order to eliminate/reduce tax risk;
  • Analysis from the tax point of view of other documents prepared by Clients, such as the Specification of Essential Terms of Procurement in the field of public procurement;
  • Advising on individual transactions related to the restructuring of business entities (mergers and acquisitions, divisions, privatizations, acquisitions of shares – share deal), acquisition of selected assets (asset deal), enterprises (enterprise deal) and some property rights (e.g., acquisition of know-how how);
  • Advising on personal income tax and choosing the optimal form of doing business, including preparation of managerial contracts, employment contracts, commission contracts and specific work contracts, analysis of option plans and expenses incurred by the employer for the employee;
  • Advising on employment forms and remuneration principles, as well as their taxation and social security coverage;
  • Development and analysis of incentive programs;
  • Tax consultancy in the field of inheritance and endowment tax.